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Yuvod and Hestia Cloud PMS Integration: Redefining the Hotel Experience

Yuvod and Hestia Cloud PMS Integration: Redefining the Hotel Experience

Yuvod and Hestia Cloud PMS Integration: Redefining the Hotel Experience

Dec 2, 2023

Standing out and excelling in the hospitality industry is all about delivering an exceptional guest experience. In that spirit of excellence, we are pleased to announce the integration between Yuvod and Hestia Cloud PMS. This collaboration is set to completely transform the hotel experience and take it to new heights of personalization, efficiency, and entertainment.

The Merger of Innovation: Yuvod and Hestia Cloud

Yuvod, known for its hotel TV system, has teamed up with Hestia Cloud, a hotel PMS that stands out for its easy and intuitive interface, 100% customizable and scalable, suitable for a wide range of establishments, from hotel chains to cozy tourist apartments and hotels in rural environments.

Guest TV System Customization

One of the most exciting aspects of this collaboration is the personalization capabilities it will offer hotels. Each guest has unique preferences, and now, hotels can tailor the TV experience based on the guest's language and allow access to significant content platforms such as Netflix, HBO, Prime Video, Disney+, etc., with total security and just a touch away.

Services and Experiences

An exceptional hotel experience is about providing top-notch service and making guests feel at home. With the integration of Yuvod and Hestia Cloud, hotels will have a new channel to show the guests relevant information about the establishment and its services, offering efficient and non-intrusive communication.

Cost Savings over Traditional Systems

Efficiency is critical in hotel management, and the collaboration between Yuvod and Hestia Cloud helps hotels save costs. By integrating daily operations into one cohesive system, hotels can reduce the complexity of entertainment system management and minimize maintenance costs.

A Commitment to Innovation in the Hospitality Industry

This collaboration between Yuvod and Hestia Cloud is essential in bringing innovative and high-quality solutions to the hotel industry. We are changing how hotels interact with their guests and manage their operations.

Cloud technology

Hestia Cloud offers a cloud management system for all types of hotels. A platform with a simple and intuitive interface fully integrated to optimize daily management, gaining time and efficiency with automated hotel management.

The yuvod hotel TV system offers flexibility, customization, and an enhanced viewing experience for guests while simplifying management and reducing costs for the hotel.

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