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Spanish DTT says bye to channels that are not broadcasting in HD

Spanish DTT says bye to channels that are not broadcasting in HD

Spanish DTT says bye to channels that are not broadcasting in HD

Feb 20, 2024

To improve the quality of the image and sound, as well as the television experience, next Wednesday, February 14, all channels that do not broadcast in High Definition (HD) or Full HD will disappear from the Spanish DTT (Digital Terrestrial Television). In other words, those channels that do not offer a minimum quality will disappear. 

The minimum quality offered in DTT will be 720p, and channels with a lower quality will no longer be available.

What do hotels have to do to adapt to the new changes in DTT?

Depending on the TV system that the hotel has, it will be necessary to make some upgrades. Be sure to:

  1. Have coverage. All hotels must ensure adequate coverage to pick up 4G and 5G signals from mobile operators.

  2. To have adapted antennas. The antennas must have filters for 4G and 5G signals. In the case of receiving the DTT signal via satellite, they must ensure that they have DTT-SAT receivers compatible with high definition (HD).

  3. To have HD-compatible televisions. Currently, more than 98% of televisions are, since for some years, it has been a standard in most brands' marketing. If you do not have compatible televisions, it will be necessary to implement external decoders for DTT in HD if you want to keep the televisions the same.

Why should hotels digitize their TV system?

TV system upgrades are frequent, and in addition to regular maintenance, they represent a significant expense for the hotel. Currently, cloud-based television systems allow the digitization of traditional television systems, providing substantial benefits for hotels and guests. 

  1. Promote hotel services and generate new revenue streams. Introduce an additional, non-intrusive channel to offer guests exclusive hotel services such as spa, restaurant, etc., as well as special offers for activities, experiences, and local entertainment.

  2. Multiple entertainment options. Offering a wide range of entertainment options has never been easier. Guests can choose from conventional television channels to the most popular streaming services, such as Netflix, HBO, Disney+, and Prime Video, among others. In addition, digital music platforms and the hotel's corporate channel are included, all on the same platform.

  3. Cost optimization. Implementing a cloud-based TV system will decrease technical issues and, with a comprehensive service, eliminate the need for hardware in the hotel and free staff from signal management and future upgrades, thus minimizing system maintenance.

  4. Customization tailored to the hotel's needs. By tailoring the TV system to individual guest preferences, we ensure a unique and memorable experience. We convey your brand identity through customized messages and language options designed to meet their expectations and enhance their experience. 


The closure of SD channels in DTT marks the end of an era in Spanish television but also the beginning of a new stage characterized by a higher quality of image and sound. While this change may present challenges in terms of maintenance of antennas, headends, and televisions, it also offers opportunities to improve the television experience with the digitization of traditional systems, thus ensuring access to entertainment to the current expectations of the guest and opening new avenues of monetization for the hotel.



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