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La incorporación de Netflix en el ecosistema de contenidos de Yuvod Hotel TV enriquece la experiencia del huésped

La incorporación de Netflix en el ecosistema de contenidos de Yuvod Hotel TV enriquece la experiencia del huésped

La incorporación de Netflix en el ecosistema de contenidos de Yuvod Hotel TV enriquece la experiencia del huésped

Oct 3, 2023

To improve the hotel entertainment experience and facilitate its operation, we have evolved our Yuvod Hotel TV system to adapt to the demands of today's guests.

Since our beginnings in the entertainment industry, we have been growing together with our clients, adapting our products to the needs of hoteliers seeking to optimize the management of their establishments as well as to the demands of the guests. Today, we are pleased to announce that we are taking another step in this journey by adding Netflix to our content ecosystem. Having the platform certified marks an exciting step forward in enhancing hotel guest experience worldwide.

What Does It Mean?

From now on, hotel guests using the Yuvod TV system will be able to enjoy all of the platform's content directly from the comfort of the TV in their rooms. We put our technology at their disposal so they can access their favorite content as if they were at home, either directly from the TV or by casting from their own devices.

Guest Privacy and Security

In this new version of the hotel TV system, it is essential to highlight the effort made to guarantee the guest's security and privacy. We have implemented advanced security measures that ensure that guest access data to any platform from the hotel TV is automatically deleted from the system once the guest checks out. This means that guests can enjoy their experience on the platform without worrying about the security of their login credentials, providing a complete experience while ensuring their privacy.

Suppose the guest prefers to broadcast directly from their devices. In that case, our system is designed with device isolation, ensuring no possibility of communication between rooms, so guests transmit only to their own TV.

Ease of Use

One of the main fears when adopting a new technology is that the guest will not use it due to the complexity involved. Our TV system is designed to ensure high usage rates, thanks to easy access to virtually any streaming service subscription, allowing guests to have the final say on the types of content they want to watch.

Our solution is designed specifically for hotel environments with an intuitive user interface that ensures instant compatibility with the leading streaming platforms and makes it easy to navigate through the content of the hotel's services. Whether the guest is a digital native or unfamiliar with this technology, our system offers simple access that avoids guest frustration.

It is quick and easy for guests to access content with their credentials or pair their device with their in-room TV by scanning a QR code and enjoying the best picture quality and high-definition sound to make the most of their in-room entertainment time.

Simplifying the Operational Management

Operational efficiency is another key highlight, as it simplifies the management of the TV system, helping to save costs on technical equipment and maintenance. Yuvod's platform seamlessly integrates with industry PMSs to provide guests with relevant information and services at the touch of a button, such as finding a local attraction, ordering room service, checking out, and more.

  • Optimize IT infrastructure: By implementing a TV system in the cloud, you can save on technical equipment and simplify the management of the entertainment system.

  • Cost savings and low maintenance: We offer an end-to-end service for content ingestion and signal distribution. So, there is no need to install and maintain antennas and decoders in the hotel.

  • Opportunity to Generate Additional Revenue: In addition to Netflix, Yuvod Hotel TV offers a variety of premium entertainment options that can generate additional revenue for your hotel.

Our goal is to provide hotels with the necessary tools to deliver an exceptional guest experience, and this update will help to improve your guests' satisfaction. 

We will continue innovating to deliver cutting-edge solutions to the hospitality industry, creating memorable guest experiences and simplifying hotel operations worldwide.



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