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Beyond Channel Surfing: 7 Tactics to Leverage Hotel TVs for Dynamic Upselling Opportunities

Beyond Channel Surfing: 7 Tactics to Leverage Hotel TVs for Dynamic Upselling Opportunities

Beyond Channel Surfing: 7 Tactics to Leverage Hotel TVs for Dynamic Upselling Opportunities

Mar 27, 2024

In the world of hospitality, honing the skill of upselling within hotels is now more important than ever. Enhancing guests' stay and increasing profits go hand in hand. Although the idea of upselling is far from novel, numerous hotels continue to face challenges when trying to incorporate it successfully into their business strategies.

How can hosting providers improve their upselling strategy? Television in hotel rooms is one of the most underestimated but potentially powerful resources. Beyond being a simple entertainment medium, television can become a strategic promotional channel if properly leveraged. 

Discover the significance of enhancing your upselling approach to boost hotel revenue and learn how to generate favorable outcomes through your hotel TV platform. Here, we will explore strategies to maximize television use in hotels and make it an effective tool for promoting upsell in-stay and increasing customer satisfaction.

What is upselling in a hotel?

In the hospitality sector, upselling involves offering guests opportunities to enhance their stay through supplementary services or enhancements. These may include expedited check-in for early arrivals, extended check-out times for those seeking a leisurely departure, spa treatments, or indulgent breakfast buffets. Crafting a successful upselling plan involves tailoring offers to suit the specific preferences of the property's guests.

Upselling is not just about increasing short-term profits but about creating a value ecosystem that benefits both the guest and the hotel. This mutually beneficial approach is a testament to a hotel's commitment to delivering exceptional service and an unforgettable experience. When done correctly, it can transform a simple stay into a memorable one, encouraging guests to return and share their positive experiences with others.

7 Strategies for Amplifying Revenue Through Hotel TV Upselling

  1. Content Personalization

    Tailoring content to individual preferences is essential to optimize the in-room TV experience. It is imperative to recognize guests' diverse interests and needs and offer them a wide range of channels and streaming options that meet all their entertainment needs. Today, hotels can leverage the TV platform to provide other types of content and services, such as hotel information, recommendations, or the inclusion of services that the guest can access from the comfort of their room. 

    TV can be the perfect platform to promote upgrades or services such as late check-out, a pillow menu, or food and beverage services such as stocked minibars, chilled champagne, bottles of wine, and fruit baskets. These additional services may not have been considered when booking, but they can significantly enhance the guest's experience once in their room.

  2.  Promote In-Property Services

    Having a fully customizable platform with information or services offered by the hotel is an excellent opportunity for promotion without being intrusive to the guest. Take advantage of this space to highlight spa treatments, gym, restaurant menus, gastronomic experiences, and other activities such as yoga classes, kids club activities, aqua gym classes, etc., depending on the season of the year or the type of guest staying at the hotel. Use engaging videos and images to show the features of each service and how guests can enjoy them during their stay, allowing them to book the service directly from the TV. 

  3. Promote Third-party Services

    Do you have collaboration agreements with other companies in the area? You can also promote complementary services such as cab service, airport transfers, private chauffeur services, personal shoppers, or guided tours. The possibilities are endless, and in addition to improving hotel revenues, you will help guests make the most of their stay and explore the destination more efficiently. Through QR codes, guests can book the service directly on the provider's website, and the accommodation will have information about the most requested services.

  4. Create Attractive Upselling Offers

    Creating attractive upselling offers in a hotel is about understanding what guests value and presenting these add-ons in a way that enhances their stay. Design these upselling offers to appeal to different types of guests and preferences, encouraging them to enjoy a more enriching experience during their stay. If you have a lot of couples over the weekend, creating a romantic stay package can be perfect for couples looking for a romantic getaway. It can include a bottle of champagne in the room, a romantic candlelit dinner at the hotel's best restaurant, and a couple's spa session. If, on the other hand, your guests are primarily families with children, you can create a "Fun & Relax" package where children can enjoy a craft workshop or theater with monitors. In contrast, parents enjoy a relaxing massage at the spa.

  5. Optimize Timing

    Timing is crucial in selling. Showing hotel services on TV at different times of the day is a brilliant way to attract guests and enhance their stay. Prepare videos or promotional materials focused on identifying the essential services you want to promote and match them with the most appropriate times of the day; you can create blocks where you can include different services such as "Breakfast and Wellness" in the mornings, "Adventures on Wheels" for bike rides in the afternoon, "Sunset Flavors" for wine tasting or sampling, "Local Flavors" for tasting local gastronomy, "GastroShow" for dinners and live performances in the evening, etc. The options are endless and fully customizable according to the hotel's needs.

  6. Monitor and Adjust Your Strategy

    Periodically review the performance of your upselling efforts. Reports on guest usage of the TV platform provide valuable information on which content or services are most attractive and in demand by the guests and which strategies are most effective. 

    Analyze what works and doesn't, and refine and adapt your strategy to improve performance and get better results.

  7. Use Guest Feedback to Improve Services

    TV can also collect guest feedback and assess guest satisfaction with their stay. Include short surveys on TV for guests to share their opinions on various aspects of the hotel, such as cleanliness, customer service, or services booked during the stay. This information is invaluable in identifying areas for improvement and ensuring an exceptional experience for future guests.

In conclusion, in-room television can be more than just entertainment. With the right strategies, it can become a powerful promotional channel that enhances the guest experience and increases overall satisfaction. By developing an upselling strategy to promote services, hotels can take full advantage of this resource to differentiate themselves in an increasingly competitive market and offer memorable experiences to their guests.



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